The medical field is one that relies on high-quality cleaning crews to protect their clients and minimize the risk of serious infections. The people who provide this type of care aren’t always given their just due by the medical field or others. These EVS cleaning professionals provide a vital role in healthcare that shouldn’t be overlooked or ignored. Doing so does them a grave disservice indeed.

What is EVS?

EVS stands for environmental service and is a necessary process that keeps the health industry safe. Professionals in this field are cleaning experts who provide deep cleansing of various medical equipment items, beds, and anything else in a medical facility. Their goal isn’t just to clean these items but to render them sterile and safe, minimizing the risk of serious problems and complications.

As a result, they should not be confused with janitors or other types of medical experts. It is true that they do clean similarly to janitorial professionals. However, they are not mere housekeeping professionals. A deep cleaning by these professionals leaves the area sterile and safe to use, providing medical professionals and their patients with the kind of high-quality environment that they need to be safe.

These experts are critical because the health field relies on high-quality cleaning to survive. For instance, the Journal of Hospital Infection reported that 47% of all medical firms relied on daily visual monitoring alone to assess environmental cleanliness. This type of visual check is simply not good enough – and EVS cleaning can help to ensure that a medical facility is safe and protected.

How They Help Medical Care

EVS specialists and technicians will work directly with hospital workers in a myriad of settings to create a healthy, clean, and disinfected work environment. Their duties help to clean up potential bacterial infections that may spread rampantly in hospitals without specialized care. Infections take thousands of lives every year, even with the help of antibiotics.

The risk would be even higher were it not for EVS professionals. Typically, they start by putting on an isolation gown that prevents the spread of germs, gloves that keep their hands sterile, masks that minimize the spread of bacteria from their body, and goggles that keep their eyes safe.

As you can see, working with EVS cleaning teams is a smart choice and one that no medical company can do without. So, if you’re a simple family practitioner who works out of home or a busy doctor in a bustling hospital, it is important to understand the role of these professionals.