Hospitals are often not cleaned by internal staff. Rather, they are kept clean through separate healthcare cleaning service providers. While these housekeeping service providers are not often noticed by people going in and out of the hospital, in many ways they are unsung heroes. It’s incredibly important, even in normal conditions, for hospitals to be kept as clean as possible. Think of how many sick and immunocompromised people recover in hospitals, and how quickly a small infection can cause them to take a serious downturn. Additionally, many people recuperating in hospitals have open wounds, which are vulnerable to new infections. Any random day at a typical hospital sees about one in 31 patients sustaining a healthcare-related infection.

But these are unprecedented times, with most hospitals often preoccupied by COVID-19 cases. It’s vital now more than ever that healthcare cleaning service providers are taken full advantage of. Let’s look into some of the reasons why these services are so important in light of the current pandemic.

1. Prevention

One of the biggest reasons why healthcare cleaning services are so crucial right now is that they play an important part in the prevention of COVID-19’s spread. Generally speaking, COVID-19 is spread through the air, and moisture molecules expelled through breathing and coughing. But it’s also recommended that spaces that hold COVID-19 patients, like hospitals, are disinfected as much as possible. Additionally, keeping a space properly cleaned will help ensure that it is properly ventilated as well. A properly ventilated space is a space that is less likely to facilitate the spread of COVID-19.

2. Lowering the Risk of Infection

As previously mentioned, healthcare cleaning services are vital to preventing infections. This is especially important in light of so many patients being admitted to the hospital with COVID-19. Many people don’t necessarily die of COVID-19 directly, but of complications associated with the virus. This includes those that occur when infection takes place. Those with COVID-19 are more vulnerable to infection in general.

3. Aiding Healthcare Workers

The fact is that healthcare workers are overwhelmed right now. The cleaner that hospitals are, the easier it will be for them to work safely, and to reduce the amount of patients in beds. This will allow them to focus on those affected by the pandemic, while allowing more beds for those patients as well.