Did you know that healthcare providers tend to clean their hands nearly 100 times in a 12-hour shift? It all depends on the intensity of care and the number of patients they see. That is quite a lot of hand-washing to keep patients and co-workers safe. Washing hands is part of keeping a medical environment clean and sterile. Another aspect that consistently provides a high standard of care is medical cleaning services.

Medical Cleaning Services Include Keeping Surgical and Hospital Terminals Immaculate

Your goal as a manager is to keep quality of care and patient safety as top priorities. You need consistent medical cleaning services to safeguard healthy environments that ensure confidence in healthcare professionals, patients, and visitors. That goes for inside terminals and out.

It takes top-quality hospital cleaners to embrace the challenging healthcare world. Making sure your medical facilities are sterile and clean is the first step in keeping everyone safe. Medical cleaning services provided by leading EVS cleaning companies ensure that your facility is capable of providing the highest quality in hygiene and cleanliness. You are assured the following:

  • A Boost in HCAHPS
  • Reduced Risks of HAIS
  • Enhanced Reputation
  • Ensured Cost-Effectiveness

Terminal Cleaning for Operating Suites Is Essential

In order to maintain and ensure your surgical terminals are up to standard, you need medical cleaning services that are second to none. It takes a methodical and consistent approach to cleaning that ensures surgical environments and surrounding areas are safe.

Terminal cleaning operating rooms is performed by highly-trained staff with the expertise it takes to cover all of the bases and more. Non-toxic, quality disinfecting products are used to sanitize all surfaces. The best care you can provide for your doctors, nurses, patients, and visitors starts with medical cleaning services that keep terminals pristine and ready for the next patient in your operating rooms.

Why Should You Outsource for EVS?

When it comes to healthcare cleaning services, cleaners need better and special training in order to keep your facility pristine and protected. Expert EVS cleaning companies carefully screen their employees. They take it a step further and use proven systems of policies, chemicals, and equipment, as well as training. A routine inspection process is in place to ensure consistency and quality in all services.

Furthermore, top EVS cleaning companies are fully aware and knowledgeable of healthcare regulations and industry laws. Not only will your facility be clean and safeguarded, but you will also experience lowered facility maintenance costs. The experts will work closely with you so you can expect cleaning services using the correct methodologies for your facility.

Use Terminal Cleaning Services That Stay Compliant with Healthcare Standards

There are many complexities within the healthcare industry concerning laws and regulations. Outsourcing for terminal cleaning ensures the proper procedures and techniques are applied based on guidelines from the EPA, OSHA, and the CDC. Of course, the guidelines followed will also focus on processes, structures, and outcomes with routine inspections being performed to ensure the quality of care and cleanliness. Quality improvement measures, as well as continuous process improvement models, are always changing to better fit the structure of your facility and cleanliness needs.

Improve the Hygiene of Your Operating Rooms

Training and development must be elevated on a routine basis to keep up with an ever-changing surgical atmosphere. Frontline cleaning teams must be educated concerning the best practices. This creates a dedicated cleaning team that takes great pride in their work. EVS companies ensure their teams have been comprehensively trained with continuing education covering the current best practices so you can rest assured your facility stays immaculate.

Contact a Top EVS Company

Top EVS companies will keep every part of your facility safe and clean. Their services range from hospital housekeeping to terminal cleaning for operating rooms. Get in contact with them today to discuss how their medical cleaning services can improve your facility and keep it up to standard.