According to data from the American Hospital Association, there were approximately 36,241,815 total admissions in all the 6,090 US hospitals in 2019. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that nearly one in 20 hospitalized patients develop a health care associated-infection (HCAI). Sadly, 12% of these infection cases are fatal, with nearly 90,000 patients losing their lives each year.

Sanitary conditions within a medical facility setting are critical to keeping visitors, patients, and hospital employees safe. As an administrator, you may need to pick out the right medical cleaning service that meets all your sanitary standards. Here are six tips to help you hire the right hospital cleaners.

1. Specialized Medical Cleaning Service

Different medical environments have unique requirements when it comes to sanitation and infection control. The standard operating procedures for cleaning a surgical unit may differ from disinfecting the reception area. You may need to choose medical center cleaning services with staff that understands the cleaning patterns for different hospital wings and departments. Proper cleaning, disinfection, and disposal of waste are key to preventing the transmission of pathogens to the staff while at work.

2. Employee Training

Proper medical cleaning procedures not only reduce the risk of infection for visiting patients but also the hospital cleaners themselves. Pick an EVS cleaning company that regularly trains its staff to adhere to the strict guidelines set by OSHA. The medical cleaning service should also have an active, formal quality assurance program that carries out regular inspections and audits for services rendered.

3. Costs

Most hospital managers and facility administrators will try to keep the total expenses across their hospital low. You may need to check the cost of hiring a medical cleaning service. Request for multiple quotes from different hospital cleaners and compare their bids. Inquire about the payment schedule and preferred payment method. Find EVS cleaning services that fit within your budget without compromising on the quality of services.

4. Products Used

You may need to inquire about their cleaning processes and products used. The products need to be commercial grade to kill off bacteria and viruses. Some chemical cleaners and disinfectants can worsen allergic reactions. Harsh chemical cleaning products can negatively affect the environment. Ensure that you pick a hospital cleaner that uses EPA-approved products during their cleaning processes.

5. Communication

You may need to maintain open communication channels with the healthcare cleaning services. The company needs to have strong leadership and management that ensures harmonization of the communication between the janitors and their supervisors. Any concerns that you have about the medical cleaning service should be addressed immediately. Be sure that the cleaners can be on call for emergency clean-ups.

6. Reviews and Referrals

The best bargain when searching for medical center cleaning services is to request recommendations from qualified hospital cleaners. Research the different companies from the list obtained. Follow up on the references provided by the medical cleaning service. Verify the work ethic, specialization, and consistency of services offered.

Hospitals and medical facilities may demand a higher degree of sanitation to keep patients and hospital staff protected. Are you searching for healthcare cleaning services? Reach out to CareServe Environmental.