Healthcare services play a vital role in keeping communities and the general population healthy. As patients walk into hospitals to receive treatment, the medical centers remain prone to various pathogens. Sadly, one in every twenty hospitalized patients develops a healthcare-associated infection. Maintaining sanitary conditions within a hospital setting through hospital housekeeping services is critical to keeping clinical staff, patients, and visitors safe.

Hospital administrators may need to establish proper housecleaning protocols to ensure all areas remain clean and sanitary. Most facilities may require more than a few in-house staff, with many opting to outsource to EVS cleaning companies.

Here are seven essential tips to kind in mind as you outsource hospital housekeeping services.

1. Find Out Cleaning and Disinfecting Procedures

Different hospital sections require unique cleaning or sanitary procedures to ensure that all pathogens are killed. The standard cleaning procedure for an operating theatre after surgery may be significantly different from the reception area. Request the hospital housekeeping services to provide their checklist and cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection procedures.

2. Identify the Right Cleaning Supplies

Another critical part of cleaning the surfaces on a medical center is the cleaning agent. You may need medical-grade agents to kill off the germs, bacteria, and viruses on the different surfaces. Inquire about the products used by the hospital housekeeping services. The staff may need to point out the time required for the product to affect the disinfection.

3. Staff Need to Have the Right PPE

The employees from the medical cleaning company need to wear the correct protective gear while cleaning the surfaces. They may need to clean their hands with liquid soaps and put on disposable aprons. Improper use of disposable gloves can lead to cross-contamination. Proper eye protection is also key to keeping the cleaning staff safe.

4. Focus on Air Pollution

You may need to ensure that biohazards aren’t seeping out through your air streams. Frequent cleaning of the air vents and filters by the hospital housekeeping services can help ensure that air purity is maintained. The staff may need to ensure that they securely tie the garbage bags in an air-tight knot.

5. Establish Proper Waste Disposal Procedures

It is essential for hospital housekeeping services to ensure that they dispose of wastes correctly. Non-contaminant trash may need to be removed, garbage cans disinfected, and a new bag placed. The garbage bag needs to be thick to prevent any punctures and tears.

6. Put More Emphasis on High-Touch Areas

One of the most important aspects of hospital housekeeping services is the disinfection and cleaning of frequently touched surfaces. Areas such as doorknobs, bathroom handrails, light switches, and more may require heightened attention.

7. Minimize Cross-Contamination

You may need to establish procedures that reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Spraying, vacuuming, and proper disposal of waste are critical to ensure that there are no bacteria moved across the hospital floor.

Time to Get the Best Hospital Housekeeping Services

Hospital housekeeping services are critical to keeping your staff, patients, and visitors safe. The staff needs to have the right training, equipment, and cleaning supplies to meet the higher degree of sanitation necessary for a medical facility. Are you searching for healthcare cleaning services? Feel free to call CareServe Environmental.